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Epoxy Floors


Preparation of the concrete floor is the most important part of the process. The purpose of this step is to get any oil, grease, dirt, grime, and tire marks off of the floor. In most cases we accomplish this by using muriatic acid and water. Depending on the concrete sometimes it is necessary to repeat this process until it is completely clean. In cases where the floor was poorly poured or if there is excessive dirt and oil, we use a grinder to remove the top layer of the concrete. After we get the floor as clean as we can we will let it dry and then vacuum it until the floor is free of any remaining dust. The ultimate goal of the preparation process is to achieve the cleanest possible floor in order to allow the epoxy to adhere thoroughly to the concrete.


Installation of the epoxy starts with a primer coating. We apply the primer coating with a small nap 18" roller as well as a 1" wood chip brush to get areas we can't with a roller. Depending on the grade of floor, the primer can vary from a shellac based bin primer up to a polyurea 2 part component 100% solids epoxy. This coating seals the concrete and gives us a smooth clean surface to apply our next coating.

Once the primer coating is completely dry (typically 45 minutes to 1 hr) then we apply our epoxy coating with a squeegee and a 18" roller. This product can also vary depending on the grade of floor; ranging from a basic water borne epoxy to a 2 part 100% solid solvent based epoxy. This coating will be spread around the floor with a squeegee followed by a roller to even it out.

Chips are added to floor during the epoxy coating before it dries to allow the flakes to stick to the floor. Some people rather not have flakes and have a solid colored floor but flakes are a great way to hide any imperfections in your floor. Even with the primer and epoxy coatings there still may be some holes or cracks that weren't completely filled. If your floor is 10-20 years old typically it has had some wear on it. This is where the flakes will help take your eyes off of the remaining holes and cracks. Flakes can come in various sizes and just about any color combination you can think of. We broadcast the flakes by hand as we walk on the floor with special spikes that allow us to walk on the epoxy without ruining the coating. The consistency of flakes is 100% up to the customer, we will do one section of the floor to meet your desires and then match the rest of the floor. Typical consistency of flakes is around 50-65% which allows you to still see the color of epoxy you chose and is not completely covered with flakes. However if that is the route you go we can do a full broadcast which will cover the entire floor with flakes but this will require 2 clear coats to seal the flakes to the floor.

Clear Coat
If you chose to do a clear coat to get maximum life out of your new floor we will complete your floor with the clear coat. These, as with the colored epoxy, come in a variety of grades. From water based, to 100% solid solvent based. Generally we choose the corresponding topcoat that matches the original base coat. The clear coating will be applied the same way as the epoxy coating but this coating has to be the following day. We have to allow the epoxy coating to dry completely before we can apply a clear coat. Once this coating is applied it will need 24 hrs to dry before anyone can walk on it, 48 hrs to put anything heavy on it, and 7 days before you drive on it. The best part about the clear coat is that multiple years down the road you can have another clear coat applied to preserve your floor!