Brown Wall - Painting Services in Rocklin, CA
Modern paints give us the ability to meet virtually any need and accommodate any request. From busy family areas to elegant master bedroom retreats, we can select the appropriate product. In all aspects, we look to move through the process of painting your home with as little disruption to you while achieving the result of "straight lines and solid colors."
House exterior view  - Painting Services in Rocklin, CA
Durability is key to exterior painting, so we, "Paint to protect". This is why we use quality products and proven processes to ensure the long lasting beauty of your home. Ask us about the 13-step process we use to ensure not only the proper application of paint, but also the protection of your yard, plants and walkways.
White cabinets - Painting Services in Rocklin, CA
Staining and finishing a piece takes experience and patience. Taylor Painting has finished staircases and cabinets, doors and mantelpieces. Whether it is paint grade or stain grade, we will work with you to provide a long lasting beautiful quality finish.
Faux Finish on bathroom walls - Painting Services in Rocklin, CA
We can produce a variety of textured finishes to produce a sensual and dramatic effect in a variety of formats. We are not true faux artists, able to reproduce wood grains or marble, however, you should see what we can do!
Newly painted garage floors - Painting Services in Rocklin, CA
From concrete to ceramic tiles, as in any paint project, the key is preparation. Taylor Painting has finished a wide variety of surfaces and can coat any surface in your home, garage floors, and walkways.
Worker applying sealant on wall - Painting Services in Rocklin, CA
Whether its remodeling, dry rot, water damage or simply a doorknob punch, we can repair it! We have career drywall tradesmen who can make it disappear.
Multi colored tiles - Painting Services in Rocklin, CA
Time is of the essence when dealing with commercial turns. We can work with you to use your paints and colors, or help you select the best paint for your requirements.
White recieving area - Painting Services in Rocklin, CA
Income property is intended to be just that. Using a variety of stock colors in durable finishes; we can provide an easy to care for environment. Once applied stock colors can be touched up easily and made ready for the next occupants!